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Center for Chinese Music and Culture (CCMC)

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What is the Bayin System?

In the European tradition, musical instruments are sorted into different families like woodwind, brass, and strings. Did you know that in China, there are eight different families of instruments? This way of organizing the instruments is called the Ba Yin System. Ba means “eight” and Yin means “sound.” Let’s learn about the families with this study guide.

Tennessee State Music Standards Supported: 

  • 3.GM.R1.B
  • 3.GM.Cn1.A
  • 3.GM.Cn2.A
  • 4.GM.R1.B
  • 4.GM.Cn1.A
  • 5.GM.Cn1.A
  • 5.GM.Cn2.A

Dr. Mei Han

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